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About Fides

FIDES is a Mexican Corporation initiated as a Credit Union in November 15, 1993 and it evolved to a SOFOM on July 2007, and begin to operate as SOFOM ENR (which means Financial Society of Multiple Objects Not Regulated Entity) It´s Tax registration number is FGF971021-2G7 and was registered with the CONDUCEF on July 2007.

In December 2011 Javier Reyna bought 100% of FIDES and has been FIDES President since then. In November 2018 FIDES evolves to become a SAPI de CV (which means Anonymous Society that Promotes Investments).

Under this new administration, FIDES has received deposits from very important Clients for Hundreds of Millions of dollars and also has acquired a CDs (Cash Backed) from HSBC Mexico for more than $1Billion dollars.

FIDES is able to use the assets deposited and owned by FIDES to support business and institutions worldwide through the proper protocols.

FIDES is an investment management firm with a multi strategy hedge fund capacity. The firm operates in America, Europe and Asia. 

Tel:  +52 8 14 624 3987


Ángel Martínez Villarreal #637 Colonia Chepevera
Monterrey, N.L. 64030